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Driving solar park pylons

Piling for solar parks is an important step in the construction of solar power plants. This procedure is carried out in order to stabilize and anchor the solar panels in the soil, providing them with a long-lasting and safe foundation.

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Driving guardrails in road construction

Guardrail driving in road construction is an important procedure used to strengthen and stabilize road infrastructure. Guardrails are placed in the ground, usually near road structures such as bridges, overpasses and road junctions, to provide additional support and security to structures.

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Drilling holes in soft soils

Specialized drills and equipment are used to drill holes in soft soils. These tools are designed to penetrate and remove material from soft soil by creating openings of the desired size and depth.

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Removal of pylons/guardrails

With the help of GAYK HRE 3000, the process of removing pylons and guardrails becomes more efficient and fast. The machine provides enough power and control to overcome soil resistance and remove structures without damage. Operators have the ability to adjust the pull force and depth to meet specific project requirements.

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